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Fibre Cement Cladding

Fibre Cement Cladding

Comprised of cement, PVA, cellulose fibres, aggregates and water, these cement cladding boards are available in standard sizes including 3050mm x 1220mm x 8mm and 2520mm x 1220mm x 8mm. There is also the option to create made-to-measure alternatives for individual projects. These flat fibre – reinforced cement panels, used in back ventilated and drained rain-screen cladding systems, provide a decorative and protective façade over timber-frame, steel frame or masonry external walls of new and existing buildings.

This strong and versatile range of cladding boards is ideal for use as an external facade panel and the naturally finished PuroPlus board has been tested to CWCT standards. During the production process, all product waste including the dust from sawing and polishing are incorporated into the next production process. Once a fibre cement panel reaches the end of its design life, it can be crushed and then used again in a new fibre cement production process. Cement fibre cladding panels combine seamlessly with several other facade materials, including facing bricks and stone and can be installed using a variety of fixing methods.

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Product details

Key features

  • A2, s1-d0 fire rating in accordance with EN13501-01: 2018 (Section 7 BBA certificate number 22/5993)
  • European Technical Approval (ETA) covering Ornimat, Decoboard, Puro Plus and Colormat ranges
  • Resistant to mould, rot and bacteria
  • Easy to clean using clean water, with a mild detergent if required
  • Supported by a 10-year manufacturer material and colour guarantee* Decoboard and Ornimat ranges
  • Independently tested to CWCT standards – The Centre for Window and Cladding Technology
  • Durability – under normal UK service conditions, the panels will have a service life of at least 30 years (see section 10 of BBA Certificate number 22/5993)
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  • This fibre cement cladding range has European Technical Approval covering the Ornimat, Decoboard, Puro Plus and Colormat ranges and all panels have an A2, s1-d0 fire rating, in accordance with EN13501-01. This means that these products contribute very little to a fire in terms of fire spread, smoke development and the creation of droplets.

BBA Certificate

  • Wienerberger SVK Cladding Ornimat, Decoboard, Puro Plus and Colourmat – Certificate number 22/5993


  • In the opinion of the BBA, Ornimatt, Decoboard, Puro Plus and Colornat Façade Cladding Panels, if installed, used and maintained in accordance with BBA Certificate 22/5993, can satisfy or contribute to satisfying the relevant requirements in relation to NHBC standards, Part 6 Superstructure (excluding roofs), chapter 6.9 Curtain walling and cladding.


  • Water Penetration (Dynamic Aero Engine) Pass
  • Water Penetration (Hose) Pass
  • Wind Resistance (Backing Wall & Cavity) Pass
  • Impact Resistance – Retention of performance Cat B/Class1

Installation and Fixing

Invisible Mechanical Fastening (8mm)
Panels can be installed using an invisible mechanical fastening system, where the backs of the panels are fitted with fastening points, in which panel hooks are placed with a tension-free anchor.

Panels can be attached to the metal support structure using rivets.

Panels can be attached with screws (wooden or metal) to the support structure.

The ranges: Puro Plus, Decoboard Classic, Decoboard Pure and Ornimat can be installed using any of the above methods. The Colourmat Classic and Scripto can be installed using either rivets or screws but not the invisible mechanical fastening.


Colours and finishes

Puro Plus facade panels are the naturally finished fibre cement material which is not given a coating. The finish is slightly sanded and alters in colour with different weather conditions to reveal different shades of natural grey.

Decoboard Pure facade panels are available in Gale, Burst and Thunder. These boards have the same natural cloudy finish, similar to Puro Plus boards, but are finished with a transparent coating, offering three grey colours. The edges are not coated in the same colour and need to be sealed with a protective finish prior to installation.

Decoboard Classic and Elements facade panels have three coats of UV resistant acrylic paint applied to the front face. The Classic range comprises eight standard colours with a further six colours available in the Elements range. It is also possible to manufacture any RAL or NCS colours where required.

Ornimat Essential and Elements facade panels are finished with a UV resistant two-component polyurethane paint with a matt finish. The board edges are squared and coloured with the same painted finish, allowing the finished facade colours to be uniform from all angles. The Essentials range has 12 standard colours, with a further six in the Elements range. It is also possible to manufacture any RAL or NCS colours where required.

Colourmat Classic and Scripto facade panels are through coloured and impregnated with a water repellent transparent protective layer. Both the Colourmat and Scripto ranges are available in 12 standard colours, with the Scripto boards having a rough surface with a matt appearance.

Svk Amstelveen 031 Colormat Scripto S402 Slate

Colours and Finishes

Please note, the surface of fibre cement boards may show variations in tone, appearance and coloured spots/flecks which adds to natural aesthetics of the material.

The porosity allows the panels appearance to change with wet weather conditions and when dried out return to the original colour/tone. Each panel is naturally unique, and it is recommended that over large projects, panels are mixed from pallets.

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