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Taylor Maxwell stock a range of roofing battens in both Graded and Ungraded specifications imported from established suppliers. Our stocks are ready in the UK for delivery in full loads or as a mixed load with other construction products.

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Product Overview

Battens are the lengths of wood that are laid in-between the rafters to secure the roofing felt and to accept the tiles or slates when they are fitted. Battens are an important element of the roofing structure and serve a number of purposes.

We supply both Type A battens and BS5534 battens.

Produced from Scandinavian and Baltic softwoods

FSC® certified

Treated to Use Class 3

PEFC certified

Full loads

Part loads

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Product details


Tile Battens give rigidity to the roofing structure, particularly when modern trussed rafters are used. They are used to locate the roof covering in straight, consistent rows, and provide a strong anchor for the nails or clips used to secure the tiles or slates. A sub-standard batten may not provide sufficient pull-out resistance for the fixing nails, which could result in failure of the roof later on. The battens are load-bearing and must be strong enough to carry the ‘dead loads’, i.e. the weight of the roof covering and potentially standing snow, as well as the ‘imposed loads’ that are caused by wind.

As specified in the NHBC standards section 7.2.17 "battens and counter battens should be in accordance with BS 5534, accompanied by a delivery note and marked with the supplier, origin, grade and size".

NHBC Standards for battens


19mm x 38mm x 3.0m-5.4m

25mm x 38mm x 3.0m-5.4m

25mm x 50mm x 3.0m-5.4m


BS5534 Batten Standards

Each piece of batten should be clearly marked with the following:

  • The name and identity of the supplier
  • The sectional size
  • The timber species type
  • The grade of the batten, e.g. graded BS 5534

The size of the batten is also very important to ensure that the roof is strong enough, and the basic minimum sizes of batten are laid out in BS 5534, depending on the span of the rafters and the type of slate or tile to be used. Any batten measuring less than 25mm in thickness can be considered ‘under-measure’ and should not be used as it could become unstable.

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