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Cast Stone

Cast Stone

Cast stone has been used as a core building material for hundreds of years. Cast stone is a Portland cement based architectural precast concrete product, manufactured to incorporate high quality fine and coarse aggregates.

Cast stone is made with natural aggregates and a cementitious binder to produce a product that resembles natural stone. Often used in areas with sensitive planning constraints, cast stone offers the flexibility to create a traditional or contemporary finish.

Working with experienced manufacturing partners, we offer a range of premium quality wet cast stone and semi dry stone products such as cast stone copings, cills, quoins and many more. Along with our partners, we assist with design and detailing of your project to help advise where cast stone products can be used most effectively.

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Cast stone enhances and complements other building materials on the facade, making it a distinctive option that captures the imagination of architects and their clients.

It is regularly used in areas with sensitive planning constraints, or where quarried natural stone is the prominent material.

The use of cast stone also offers the designer flexibility to choose their required colour, texture, finish and stone unit dimensions.

Frequently manufactured products include finishes that replicate quarried natural Portland and Bathstone. Cast stone offers a superior performance to quarried natural stone as its increased strength and reduced moisture absorption results in improved freeze/thaw durability. This opens up a new range of options to the designer such as bespoke sized units with stand-alone structural performance, which is not achievable from quarried natural stone.

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Wet Cast Stone

The wet cast stone manufacturing process provides a close grained, smooth and dense surface, which offers precise rendering of fine detail. The wet cast manufacturing process yields one cast per mould, per day, and can be produced in large units with complex reinforcement to form structural units of high tensile strength.

Wet cast stone offers a through-colour homogenous mix which, when etched, exposes the natural aggregate colours within the material. This gives the finished stone the look and feel of quarried natural stone.

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Semi Dry Cast Stone

The semi-dry process facilitates multiple castings from each mould at a faster rate than wet cast due to the reduced moisture content. In most cases the moulds can be stripped from the finished product almost immediately. Having the ability to quickly turnaround the use of each mould as part of the semi-dry process, can offer significant cost savings over the wet cast process.

In addition, this method of manufacturing requires no secondary treatment, and can be supplied in most colours to match existing stonework. The process is highly suited to regular building features such as copings, cills, heads and string courses.

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Use our product selector tool to explore examples of the cast stone options available. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us to speak to one of our team about other options available.

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Colours and Finishes

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Design consultation
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Bespoke moulds
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Bespoke moulds
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Premium aggregates
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Semi dry reinforcement
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Mould finishes
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Wet cast mould
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Wet cast mould finishes
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Wet cast acid etch
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Product details

No pigmentation

Taylor Maxwell’s wet cast standard Portland and Bathstone finishes contain no pigmentation and are solely the natural colours of the aggregates within them.


Reconstituted cast stone's performance is superior to quarried natural stone with regard to its increased strength and reduced moisture absorption, resulting in improved freeze/thaw durability.

Additional options

A new range of options is available to the designer such as bespoke sized units with stand-alone structural performance, which is not achievable from quarried natural stone.

Highest quality

Due to the use of the highest quality handmade moulds, the finished product presents the designed level of precise, sharp detail.

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