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Generix Stone Cladding

Generix Stone Cladding

Generix is a cost-effective stone rainscreen system comprising of 20 - 30mm natural stone cladding panels with a 90 degree horizontal kerf. The system offers clients, architects and contractors the option to achieve a natural stone facade whilst retaining the additional benefits of utilising a thinner stone panel, which include reduced weight and environmental impact, faster construction times and minimised costs.

Across the UK there is a rich and varied history of architectural styles, many of which incorporate natural stone, making the Generix stone cladding system a perfect choice to complement and harmonise with local vernacular. Backed by CWCT testing, this stone facade system is suitable for a number of applications including new builds, re-clads and projects in sensitive locations such as conservation areas.

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Product details


Generix is a quick and easy to install stone rainscreen system - the panels are secured to vertical rails using the patented one piece four way stainless steel clip attached by Tek screws. Vertical rails cut to size are lifted into their correct positions and fixed to brackets using specified fixings tightened to the correct torque. It should be ensured that the correct type of rail, i.e. single, double or corner rail is used in each individual rail location.

Rails should then be wiped clean and any moisture removed before applying 2 lengths of compressible neoprene strips onto each rail. These strips are then cut to length in the correct position by peeling off the self-adhesive backing paper.

Once all railing is complete, the installation of the specified insulation between the rails can commence using proprietary fixings, ensuring all insulation batts/boards are installed tight together with no gaps. Note that the system is designed to have a clear cavity gap between the outside face of the insulation and the rear face of the stone tile when installed.

After applying the neoprene and insulation, locate base or intermediate clip into tile slot (Kerf) location and secure with adhesive and Tek screw (where specified). The Generix one piece four way clip comes as standard in a stainless steel finish, or upon request in black.

Prior to installation the external facade/structure should be surveyed and the vertical tolerance ascertained. The structure to be over-clad must be watertight prior to the installation of the stone rainscreen system, as the system is designed as a primary line of defence and not a watertight cladding solution.

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System testing is an integral part of the service we offer. Together with our manufacturing partners, we have a long and close working history with most of the UK's major UCAS accredited test centres. Generix stone cladding is certified non-combustible and has been fully CWCT tested for air leakage, dynamic pressure, water penetration and impact.

We would always recommend testing your proposed system to suit your specific project requirements. If you would like to discuss a project specific test or system mock-up, please contact us and our team will be able to advise.

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What is the thickness of the stone?

  • The Generix system is available in thicknesses of 20 and 30mm stone.

What are the standard sizes of the stone panels?

  • This depends upon the stone type, however the standard size is 900mm long by 600mm high - if larger panels are required, please contact us.

Can the system be installed vertically?

  • Yes it is possible to install the system in portrait as well as landscape.

Is the system faster to install than traditional handset stone cladding?

  • Yes, it is typically 2.5/3 times faster to install than traditional handset stone cladding.

What are the joint sizes?

  • Typically 6mm vertical and horizontal. The horizontal is always 6mm, however the vertical can be customised.

Can you supply cills, copings and other architectural features in the same stone?

  • Yes, cills and copings are available in the same stone and fabricated specials are also available.

Can you supply the system with curved (radius) panels?

  • Yes this is possible - please contact our team for more information.
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Colours and Finishes

Stone provides an elegant and timeless finish to a facade, which makes it a natural choice for many developments. A popular material for decades, natural stone can be used to provide a contemporary and striking finish, as well as blend harmoniously with historic buildings.

We offer a extensive range of different colours and textures with stone sourced from quarries located all across the UK and internationally. From basalt, to limestone, sandstone and slate, we provide an array of high quality stone types that are suited to the architectural styles of different regions.

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Northampton Museum and Art Gallery
Northampton Museum and Art Gallery
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Gateway House, London
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Gateway House, London
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