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Architectural Masonry

Architectural Masonry

Architectural masonry is a decorative-faced concrete masonry block with design quality and dimensional accuracy. A flexible material that provides the benefits of a structural product, along with a large range of textures and finishes that utilise a multitude of aggregates and pigments to suit a variety of designs.

Finishes include shot-blasted (a natural, weathered appearance), splitface (a rustic appearance similar to that of natural hewn stone), polished (a contemporary, smooth appearance) and the original, most popular fairface (a subtle textured appearance).

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Royal Russell School 21 2 - Architectural Masonry

Environmental Performance

Working with key manufacturers that operate to the highest standards and conform to the quality standard BS EN ISO 9001, environmental management standard BS EN ISO 14001 and responsible sourcing standard BES 6001, architectural masonry is a product that is recognised as providing significant environmental benefits.

Recognised within the Code for Sustainable Homes and the Green Guide to Specification, masonry blocks have up to 40% secondary and recycled content.

Bricks 015 2 a SA
Shotblasted Diamond Grange School 2
Shotblasted Diamond Grange School 10 2
Shotblasted Diamond Grange School 3


These precise and smooth blocks are used to create large natural smooth surfaces and are offered at competitive price points compared to other materials such as render. These smooth blocks can also be mixed with other more textured blocks, to produce a striking contrast on a building’s facade.

The split face stone finish is desirable as it provides natural texture and stratification that is hard to duplicate in a man-made product. These cast stone blocks are individually split down the middle to produce a face that replicates hand-hewn stone, with each piece offering a unique finish.

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Fairface and Splitface

Selected natural aggregates are mixed and polished to create a wide range of colours and variations, replicating the rich textures associated with marble and granite finishes, offering a contemporary and luxurious finish.

This production process exposes the inner aggregate of the material, which produces a matte texture with a flat surface. The degree of erosion can be developed to accommodate the required aesthetic.

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Polished and Shot blasted
Royal Russell School 5 2
Royal Russell School
Royal Russell School 15 2
Royal Russell School
Shotblasted Diamond Grange School 1 2
Grange School, Manchester
Bricks 015 2 a SA
Thistle 3, Edinburgh
Mary Seacole House 21
Mary Seacole House
Trinity Catholic College Middlesboro 14
Trinity Catholic College, Middlesbrough
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