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Bayview is a 3-bedroom residential property in Aberystwyth, Wales. The site was previously home to a 1930s bungalow, constructed of brick and masonry, with a slate roof. When the current owners purchased the site they looked to extend the bungalow however, after a building condition survey found issues with the structure, they opted to demolish the property and build a new home in its place. George + Tomos Architects were chosen by the homeowners to design a striking new build that was sympathetic to the history of the site.

Taylor Maxwell worked with manufacturer CUPA PIZZARAS to supply CUPACLAD® natural slate cladding to the project. The CUPACLAD® 101 Logic cladding system was installed by RBW Carpentry.

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The property is located on an elevated site, that was once a quarry. To the east of the building there is a tall rock cliff that once cast shade over the original home during much of the day. The client’s brief was that the property would be modern and simple in design, whilst maximising light and views across the harbour and marina. They also wanted a home that fit into the context of their surroundings, using natural materials that assisted the building in requiring little maintenance and having high energy efficiency.

George + Tomos Architects carefully designed the property to meet the client’s brief. Offering a two-storey dwelling, as opposed to the original bungalow, provided many benefits. By raising the living area up a storey, views were significantly increased out across the sea and the harbour, whilst also allowing more light to enter the house earlier in the day and reduce the shading effects of the rock wall at the rear of the site.

With the property being raised therefore increasing its visibility, it was important that a facade material was chosen that would reduce the impact of its increased prominence in the landscape. The rock face behind the building meant a cladding system that utilised a natural material such as slate was the perfect solution to work harmoniously with the surroundings, whilst offering resistance to the harsh coastal weather conditions. CUPACLAD® slate cladding was selected and specified by the architects as it met the requirements of the design brief, connecting easily with the vernacular and reflecting the previous use of the site.

We really loved the proposal. The slate would blend seamlessly with the local landscape – both the cliffs behind the property as well as some of the other houses in the area, which also utilise natural slate. What’s more, the material is sympathetic to its environment

The Homeowners

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The 101 Logic CUPACLAD® slate cladding system was selected as the perfect facade solution for the property, as it utilises invisible fixings for an easy installation process, resulting in a precise and uniform finish. The single fixing system with self-drilling screws has been designed to ensure there is optimum protection from harsh rain and weather conditions, whilst offering complete invisibility of the screws. The slate cladding system also provided the homeowners with a sustainable and A1 class fire-rated facade that will help to keep the house cool in summer but warm in the winter months, therefore reducing their energy consumption.

The homeowners were extremely pleased with the outcome of their new home, commenting that the “cladding fits the landscape seamlessly”. As well as having a new contemporary home, they now benefit from uninterrupted views out over the sea, as well as increased light into the building throughout the day and more outdoor space to enjoy their coastal surroundings.

Manufactured by CUPA PIZARRAS, Taylor Maxwell is the exclusive distributor of CUPACLAD® natural slate rainscreen systems in the UK. For more information about CUPACLAD® click here.

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