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Canon Green Court is a newly completed 11-storey residential building that includes 108 one and two bedroom apartments. Situated on the Canon Green Court complex in Salford, Greater Manchester, this new residential building joins two other pre-existing tower blocks that have been given an external face-lift. Main contractors, Willmott Dixon were appointed by multi award-winning social housing provider Salix Homes to manage the development, which was designed by architects Corstorphine & Wright.

The Canon Green Court site has a rich history, being built on the old grounds of the Blackfriars Road Baths, which were demolished during the 1970s. The site is named after Canon Peter Green, a rector at the nearby St Phillips Church from 1911 to 1951. Canon Green was a published writer and dedicated his life to supporting poor communities. The new building gives a further nod to Canon Green, being named ‘Artifex’, the author’s pen name. The site’s historic background means that it has played a central role in the lives of many Salford residents over the years and is an intrinsic part of the Salford skyline. The new £15m apartment block was partially funded by Homes England, who gave the development a £3.8m grant.

Taylor Maxwell worked with Willmott Dixon and Longworth Building Service to specify and supply Argeton terracotta cladding in Salmon Red and Ferro Grey to the £22.5m project. The terracotta rainscreen system was expertly installed by Longworth Building Service.

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Before its refurbishment, Canon Green Court was a distinctive block of flats made famous by TV crime dramas where it was regularly featured as a gritty backdrop. Social housing provider Salix Homes took over the ownership of Canon Green Court in 2015, when tenants voted to transfer their homes from Salford Council. It was subsequently decided that the buildings, which had not been refurbished since the late 1990s, were in need of essential work and refurbishment. Salix Homes then made the decision to create a new apartment block within the grounds to house a further 108 flats, providing much needed housing for local people.

Willmott Dixon were chosen by Salix Homes to be the main contractors as they admired the collaborative approach that was offered and felt that Wilmott Dixon would care about the residents and their needs. It was important to Lee Sugdon, Chief Executive at Salix Homes, that residents were involved with development proposals throughout. During the process, 50-60 residents met every month to discuss plans and help shape the future of the development.

We’ve ensured that our residents have been involved with our development proposals every step of the way

Lee Sugdon
Chief Executive - Salix Homes


Taylor Maxwell worked in partnership with main contractor Willmott Dixon and installer Longworth Building Service to specify and supply the Argeton terracotta cladding for the Canon Green Court project. From the outset, Willmott Dixon knew they wanted red and grey tiles to match the facade of the neighbouring buildings on the site. Terracotta cladding provided the perfect facade for the 11-storey building, with its proven durability and simple support structure. This allowed for a quick installation time, which in turn reduced overall costs. The tiles that were chosen were a single panel, fitted using invisible clips. The tiles are restrained using concealed clips, which are rivetted to vertical rails.

To find out more about Argeton terracotta cladding, click here.

We are confident that our ambitious proposals will transform the appearance and living facilities at Canon Green Court, and deliver the essential improvement work that residents have been calling for, as well as help deliver our ambitions to provide more desperately needed homes for local people.

Lee Sugdon
Chief Executive - Salix Homes

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