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Muswell Hill

Located in the affluent and desired town of Muswell Hill in North London, a luxurious N10 development has been completed, comprising of 22 new deluxe apartments, 6 houses and a community centre. The development sits astride one of the capital’s highest hills and benefits from outstanding views of the city, as well as access to magnificent open spaces nearby including Alexandra Palace Park and Highgate Woods.

The mixed-use development, designed by London based architects ph+, provides a contemporary twist on traditional Edwardian housing for London developers Jamm Living. As a result of the architect’s detailed analysis of the local context, the steeply stepped residential buildings have been organised into three distinct sections, that follow the contours of the land and are broken up in an alternating pattern of brick and glazed elements that change as the development descends the hill.

The first part of the project comprises of a conversion of an existing building into 8 new flats, with a community and commercial space below. In the central part of the scheme, 6 new modular houses now step down the hill, and are defined by golden-lined bays of varying tones that form terraces for the occupants.

In the final part of the project, a horizontal block contains 14 apartments and features a distinct sawtooth profile at the rear, designed to extend views for residents and required to prevent overlooking of the neighbouring gardens.

Muswell Hill features carefully selected materials that have been utilised in sensitive and pragmatic ways. The eminence of the local context is encapsulated in the high-quality detailing of the facing brickwork; a raking monk pattern that provides a contemporary aesthetic, cascading easily with the stepping profile. Taylor Maxwell worked closely with both the architects and main contractors Gilbert Ash to select a traditional yet prominent facing brick for this luxurious development.

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The Grove Orange Multi, from our exclusive Select Range of facing bricks, provides a vibrant, contemporary multi-coloured facade that complements and enhances the predominantly red colouring of the site’s neighbouring buildings, and delivers a striking contrast to the stone banding to each floor of the properties.

No cut bricks were used on site, which provided significant cost benefits, while the stone bandings were crafted in the largest possible pieces and cut to accentuate the diagonal topography of the site. The overall effect of these devices has been to complement, without imitating, the rich sculptural quality of the site’s neighbouring residences.

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