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Paul Murphy Architects have restored and extended former pub, The Hand and Flower in Chelsea, London, into an eye-catching and contemporary mixed-use development. The £3.5m scheme accommodates 1,020m2 of both living units and amenity spaces. The former pub has been additionally modified internally to house retail areas on the ground and basement levels, with a further floor of living space added in the expanded mansard roof.

The new-build succinctly connects to the former pub with a modern, glazed vestibule, leading to a three-storey build containing two flats and a ‘penthouse’ duplex. The build comes at a time of broader change to the local area, as 1,800 new homes are due to be complete south of the site by 2022.

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The development was thoughtfully designed to respond to the surrounding streetscape. The main facade of the new build tapers to the road for a sharp, defined appearance. Paul Murphy architects came to Taylor Maxwell with a clear vision to use long format bricks for a finish popular within modern London architecture. The light brick on the main facade ties with the colour of the cast stone from the joining pub in a contemporary and bold continuity, while the band course of cast stone, which runs under the recessed relief windows, aesthetically defines the different floors and acts as an updated Victorian feature.

The fully glazed entrance vestibule distinctly defines the transition from Victorian pub to modern residential. However, there are also key design details on the new build that mimic and modernise the style of the former Victorian pub.

The rear facade is faceted, and a classic yellow brick is used to continue the pattern of the stepped roof terraces while also maintaining daylight to neighbouring properties. The creation of a new third floor, allowed for a glass and zinc clad duplex penthouse.

Like all good retrofit projects, Hand and Flower is heavily informed by its immediate context and a design that celebrates the dynamic between old and new.

Paul Murphy
Paul Murphy Architects


Keen to get construction underway as soon as possible, the detail design was prioritised on both builds. After which, six separate planning applications went through anticipated changes before the construction went ahead. Taylor Maxwell was able to supply the architect’s specific vision for the facade through use of the slim, longer format bricks. Long format bricks provide a sleek and elegant finish, particularly suited for the location of the build in Chelsea, London.

With the focus to restore the pub to a modern glory, the basement ceilings were able to be raised slightly for improved headroom in the retail spaces, while all other rooms have a generous 2.7m ceiling height.

Paul Murphy Architects have designed stunning additional luxury living options to the busy Kings Road in Chelsea, London.

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